Nicholas Negroponte Speaks about Being Digital (1995)

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Nicholas Negroponte Speaks about Being Digital (1995)

NTIFAMP Students,

While you’re reading BEING DIGITAL by Nicholas Negroponte, keep in mind that it was written in 1995! His vision of the future was way before the Web, Web 2.0, Social Media and the mobile web even existed. He’s was a visionary way ahead of his time. But, the best part of Being Digital is the way he explains the difference between Analog (atoms) and Digital (bits) – pay careful attention to that. Music used to be made up of atoms, Newspapers used to be made of atoms. Movies, of course, used to be made of atoms. Now, they’re all bits. We used to have to communicate via atoms (phones or even in person) – now it’s virtually all asynchronous and sometimes synchronous bits (e-mail, texting, IM’ing).

Here’s an interview Nicholas Negroponte did with Charlie Rose way back in 1995 speaking about the future of computing. Try to put yourself back where computers were in 1995 while watching this (if not, his predictions seem predictable). However, his vision and understanding of where technology was heading was, in fact, amazing. Please watch this before we discuss the book on January 19th.

Click here to watch: Charlie Rose – An interview with Nicholas Negroponte

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