TV Lures Ads as Audiences Scatter – From

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TV Lures Ads as Audiences Scatter – From

This article was published TODAY in the Wall Street Journal and, coincidentally, it makes a case almost identical to what i said yesterday in class – that Ad agencies are still buying TV ads as that’s their “thing”. There is no incentive to change as that “new media” way of advertising may make them irrelevant in many ways. In fact, this quote is in the article written by: By JESSICA E. VASCELLARO And SAM SCHECHNER:

“Inertia also plays a role. Ad agencies are built to buy television, advertisers say, allocating dollars based on the number of “gross ratings points” they need. The metric refers to the number of commercials aired multiplied by the number of people watching during the commercial breaks. Efforts to translate the concept to the Web, where ads are sold based on how times the ad appears or is clicked on, haven’t taken off.”

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